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[Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] when you see the "two yuan Free shipping Leggings, 8 yuan shipping of cotton, 9.9 yuan can buy Nike sneakers" this information, you can enough calm it? On the magical Taobao sellers and Ray's wonderful marketing tool, really makes you incredible. ridiculously low price to delay closing does not arrive double 12 on the eve of the public Ms Chan QQ group saw a message: "There are stores selling leggings on Taobao, the original price of 128 yuan one, today, to engage in activities as long as 2 yuan a pro who quickly go and see . " Chan dubious group forwards the message to my colleagues, to make people's eyes along with true and false identification. Open link, this shop and general shop looks no different. Stores sell this "warmth plus thick velvet leggings Slim fashion", was marked eye-catching promotions tag: "2 yuan shipping loss dead day." In order to prevent more than one person robbed, the owner also other marked "Each ID restri Cheap foamposites for sale ction of two, multi-shot is not shipped." Miss Li colleagues worried: "? That time will not sent me a bunch of rag" But there are colleagues think these pants sold records already broken million, not quite like fraud. "even cheated, but also 2 dollars on lottery luck note when buying it." With this in mind, the unit where more than 10 female colleagues took this 2 dollars Leggings and then wait for the seller shipped. at a single time, we also noticed that the store remind: Due to the huge amount of sales orders, warehouse explosion express easily and readily lost pieces, to ensure the quality, delivery time for the January 5, 2013 - January 15 day. Over the past two weeks, many people have almost forgotten this order. A few weeks ago, Ms. Chen and his colleagues have received the news of pants has been shipped. But finding out any logistics information. Sellers looking for advice, the seller has not Want Online. Until a few days ago, we opened Taobao system to jump out a Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale message: "Hello, your seller XXX fraud, Taobao account has been closed down for the protection of safety of your funds, please apply for an order XXX. refund. " Fortunately, still time to apply for a refund. "Because there is no receipt, the seller can not get the money, and now the store has also been seized, they are doing and why?" Although he is no real loss, but Ms. Chen still baffled. The original is to cheat traffic and taking customer information reporter's question on Ms. Chen to Taobao verification. There are indeed some sellers recently released ultra-cheap goods, and then for various reasons will not be shipped. Taobao After investigation, these sellers cheat to get cheap traffic, when the consumer and the seller, and then showing this product is not available, this behavior has been suspected of fraud, has closed shop sellers involved. Taobao staff said, because "super cheap" standard is difficult to define precisely, so they will not take "one size fits all" app cheap foamposites roach to low-priced products. "But we have taken a number of technical means, such as a product of the same sort of search in the search results, especially those low-priced products will not be a priority to show." Taobao to remind consumers not to covet cheap, To the credit rating of the sellers and buyers of carefully screened. Taobao senior buyer, Mr Wu told reporters that such a "super cheap" hoax, has emerged very early. Some sellers will conspire with the courier company salesman, clerk to provide a non-Taobao Express number, it will show the normal logistics information. If the buyer query, display the courier has been to sign somewhere, essentially this is a false deal. "This trick can fool a lot of people start, a commodity to shoot a few thousand on ten thousand are rare, so many buyers, there are always some people neglect, do not receive the goods have forgotten to apply for refund section. And after ten days after delivery Taobao automatically confirm receipt, the sy Cheap jordans online stem defaults to praise, Alipay automatic transfer. " and loss of money compared to the buyer the biggest loss in that, by taking the seller's personal information, including name, account number Want, mobile phones, full address and so on. "These personal information, the seller can be further resold. If you find the phone often receive N number of advertising messages, will not feel strange." Mr Wu said. So, still patiently long-winded one, online shopping to carefully select the seller was not to lose the greater. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)The new season in three consecutive games are 40 points Steph Curry once again proved his MVP not Langdexuming, Under and Armour are the top scoring defender at top speed for the launch of the new boots. Just published near Curry 2 once again usher in a new color, the new work by the red and yellow collocation through the body of the shoe, the brand Logo and the details of the decoration, Retro jordans for sale and the lining is composed of blue building, finally with white outsole. under-armour-curry-2-floor-gerenal-release.jpg (96.1 KB, download number: 8) download Under Armour Curry 2 Floor General 2015-11-3 09:38 upload new season, shooting guard, General 01This is the first China graffiti creative brand @400ml-store the United States well-known shoes custom team @theremade jointly launched Yeezy2 limited customized shoes Dirty City, dark side and street elements around the city life unfolds. The shoe body enabled senior leather uppers and black lacquer sheepskin lined with details and point, a magic tape splicing black snake, low-key hidden "shut" three-dimensional printing, hide some black humor elements in luxurious appearance. White bottom and gilded buttonhole and other accessories are to add black shoes look bright. 11.jpg (28.28 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Yeezy 2 Dirty City is of limited edition 2015-5-21 09:19 upload 12.jpg (46.34 KB, download number: 0 Cheap foamposites for sale ) download Nike Air Yeezy 2 Dirty City is of limited edition 2015-5-21 09:19 upload 5.jpg (28.04 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Yeezy 2 Dirty City is of limited edition 2015-5-21 09:19 upload 4.jpg (37.47 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Yeezy 2 Dirty City is of limited edition 2015-5-21 09:19 upload 20150520194006906.jpg (26.95 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Yeezy 2 Dirty City is of limited edition 2015-5-21 09:19 upload 2.jpg (28.92 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Yeezy 2 Dirty City is of limited edition 2015-5-21 09:19 upload 3.jpg (28.8 KB0Recently, Reebok Classic release of a new clothing line, inspired by the 80s everyday sportswear in retro reference into the Reebok Classic for the understanding of sports fashion, releasing single items, including sports sweater, hooded sweater, sports pants and T-Shirt other single product, are high-quality cashmere fabrics to create, will visit the country starting today Ree Cheap air jordans for sale bok retail outlets were sold, interested friends may wish to review the above series catalog.Dwight Howard's decision to make this summer is still unknown, but his latest signature shoe will be on the shelves, with the head of the US national team playing the colours. The evolution from adiPower Howard 2, by artificial leather uppers, shoe uppers and a red / navy blue wave camouflage pattern, the shoe side three stripes design diagonal direction, Dwight "DH" logo gold in toe. There is no specific marketing information, but some shops are on sale now. 2012-7-7 08:50 upload and download attachments (147.15 KB) as the Adidas Crazy Light Boost 4 approaches the market, Adidas, the UCLA equipment sponsor, brought us a " today; UCLA Boost Adidas Crazy Light 4. The shoes are streamlined and painted with UCLA blue and yellow tones, blue and yellow with blue outsole. The white Boost with the midsole is more striking with the details of the bottom of the orange.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; long before the influx of people predicted: tidal sector this year will set off an outdoor boom, visvim other Japanese tide shoe brands taking the lead this trend of the wind, if still too visvim success is entirely due to speculation Hiroshi Fujiwara, so now nike began to march outdoor fact is enough to prove the tide shoe industry in 2005 will no longer dominate the world of sports shoes situation. The following figure shows the shoes nike air ecrof, general outdoor shoes for the sake of practicality are the shoe body with super strong materials to build, which resulted in heavy shoes, and wear over time easily bored foot , because the shoe soles will be too hard and feel pain, and many other bad situation, and this air & nbsp; & nbsp; ecrof Although not completely called outdoor shoes, but the appearance will definitely have outdoor feeling, the most important is the big shoes Ciompi some local use lightweight materials to build, not only will reduce the weight and good ventilation effect, sole plus more appropriate air suspension system, since so wearing outdoor boots is no longer a painful thing.2012-4-14 08:39 upload and download attachments (146.11 KB) shoe shop in Boston for the United States well-known streamline Bodega is designed to cool the color of the most common lake blue, bright purple and blue throughout both works, inspired by In the early 90, ski jacket colors, brushed leather, and climbing element fabrics also filled the shoes with strong outdoor style. Like friends can buy through the PHANTACi shop. has been 25 years since the first G SHOCK designed by Mr. Ibe Kikuxiong in 1983, and has been maintaining a rugged, impact resistant site. In the shape of the design is also a lot of people recognized, but also the trend of the darling of the circle, this year, when it was 25 years old, invited some brands jointly designed anniversary limit products. in the preceding two paragraphs published after the third anniversary limited, in collaboration with STUSSY DW-5000 is also available in Japan, the dial and the rear table with STUSSY LOGO, when you press the button, double " LCD screen will show the classic STUSSY; S" LOGO, in the world each big city watch strap on the name with, as to why the choice of this type of DW-5000, the reason is very simple, because it is the first G SHOCK classic models. watches are definitely one of the most important accessories for men. 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