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Ding with regret completed his Tour Huangshan journey this year, it is him for the fifth time in Huangshan match, but still could not have accounted for a champion. He said, "the result is not important, happy is good." But there is a hint of loss. But that's the way it is. May each participate in the competition of the drivers have a their own Mount Huangshan tournament, the sustenance of different emotions and expectations. below is the diary of Ding Yong's Mount Huangshan, through these words can be seen on the track of Ding Yong, no one can casually succeed. Mount Huangshan tournament Journal 2016 years of Mount Huangshan, I did not achieve the desired event desire, a little bit of regret. Saturday's men's classic classic, race 40 km. After the rapid formation of a gun by Feng Kuanjie, Zhu Jun, Martin, Guo Xinwei, Yu Guangwei, Hu Hao, Luo Danzhi and I composed of eight small group, small group all the way. In the field of off-road sections, especially when cornering, can obviously feel the Martin of flexible and fast, if not Cheap foamposites for sale the team concept, Martin can in a cross-country road easily throw all the people, this is a former Olympic champion quality worthy of admiration. In the eight man group March to the stone slope (the last paragraph of the road before the oil road climbing), Martin chose to continue to ride, but the other seven people have carried the car quickly beyond the Martin. After entering the road climbs, I fell out of the leading group of eight, only watched the remaining seven people farther and farther. When I found out that my fork cannot be locked in this state, I have no way to stand to shake the car, because the non lock dead state to shake the car very relief force. because the schedule was just 1/4, so I'm not worried. Then analysis, is due to the number plate and a front fork lock tight state adjusting screw friction caused by screw to rotate leading to lock, so I took the card number, the number plate into riding clothes and re adjust the screws. To solve the problem of the front fork lock immortal, I picked up a stampede of rhy Cheap jordans online thm, overtook the previous seven people group in the 400 meters after the second circle across the river. Leisurely, the group of eight people soon reached the wood pit Zhuhai cross-country road, by this time I found, my fork actually only in locked state. Is this time, Hu Hao launched an attack, I quickly put him, however, because too bumpy, I Jiaming 1000 table together with a stopwatch is jolted loose, in a rush, I pick the table, can be temporarily and touch to riding clothes pocket, so I held a handlebar, in one hand and a table for pocket, speed out of the fast, blink of an eye I was down to the last one and and in front of a few people have the time difference. When I put the table conveniently the collar into the match. I was trying to catch up, but lock of the front fork is really very difficult to cope with the wood pit Zhuhai step and the second half of the road is in this state, I never again into the leading group. on the first day of the race, I finished the race with seventh place. on Sunday to carry out the men's Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale elite cross-country race, race 60 km. Because of Zhu Jun and Huearlier we reported that Yeezy 350 Cleat will be in the near future sale, before the date of the official Adidas is published on Twitter, the new Yeezy 350 CLEAT by Kanye West will be available in the United States in September 15th, this time using Yeezy Boost 350 as a blueprint, and the original Boost sole was replaced by quite exaggerated football shoes. It is reported that the shoes will be sold on the adidas online store in the United States, priced at $250 U. S. dollars. Although the Yeezy series of heat undoubtedly, but for everyday wear to say, this pair of shoes obviously some difficult to control, don't know whether your friends will "without consideration into the load"? Seasons change, yin and Yang alternate. from Belgium fashion designer Raf Simons and Adidas Originals launched a cooperation partner is nearly two hot Stan Smith, but is to choose another version of Strap, or the upper 3 Velcro straps SS version. Raf Simons and Adidas the cooperation, in Cheap air jordans for sale black and white "Yin Yang" for inspiration, launched a black and white style, Stan Smith shoes side three bars special perforation design to the letter "R" shape, highlight the Raf "R", as the significance of the joint. The three Velcro on the vamp are shown in white, and the "tail" which attracts attention is the black tail, and the black one is the white tail, which complements each January 20th this year in addition to the new president Obama took the big day, but also to commemorate the Negro spiritual leader Martin (MLK) Luther King Jr. anniversary, Nike also launched a pair of MLK Zoom Kobe IV MLK is a special memorial day for the Lakers cavaliers. The MLK Zoom Kobe IV color purple in color on the Lakers is the most representative, and the purple gradient colors in the toe position, and especially in the toe and the shoe collar position in Python lines, echoing Kobe's "Mamba". This shoe temporary release date has not been announced, please pay attention to the station on the post. Nike black spirit le Retro jordans for sale ader; MLK Commemorative Edition; Zoom Kobe IV shoes; Nike's most glorious retro series review last article: Nike black spiritual leader MLK Commemorative Edition Zoom Kobe IV shoes next article: Nike's most glorious retro series in the past few weeks, we have exposed a variety of Jordan Icons for all players in the PE special edition masterpiece, such as DJ Augustin (DJ Augsutin) of the grey / white color version of Gerald Wallace (Gerald Wallace) and the blue / white version and so on. Now, a new strong rise, made the already intense "best Jordan Icons PE battle more whirling, today's NBA war xiewang" racing "column, immediately we offer exciting Jordan Icons PE do note the new show. in beat the Chicago bulls, Atlanta Eagles after scoring Weiqiao Johnson (Joe Johnson) with a red / white color Jordan Icons PE special edition player shocking debut. This pair of shoes in the whole war special red patent leather and leather shoes to create mixed, then side white pattern design phase contrast. The P Jordan Icons PE don't note w cheap foamposites ar revival, who will triumph in the pack, as far as talent shows itself, the answer returned from the field in the following NBA war xiewang frontline reporters for the first time watch the exclusive reports, and you will also enjoy Lebron James (LeBron James), Steve Nash (Steve Nash), Tony Parker (Tony Parker). Basketball stars shoes style. Source: Battle shoes Wang Joe Johnson - Jordan Icons PE players don't note version Joe Johnson - Jordan Icons PE players don't note version La Sauer Butler (Rasual Butler) - Reebok Kamikaze 2010 Baron Davis (Baron Davis) - Lining (Li-Ning) BD1 Juwan Howard (Juwan, Howard, middle) - Jordan, Flight, 45 Kay Folco Foer (Kyle Korver) - Converse Weapon EVO Kevin Martin (Kevin Martin) - Jordan Olympia Eric Gordon (Eric Gordon) - Adidas, TS, Supernatural, Creator & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] the world's best players coming for the first time wearing a new series of Nike boots campaign in European competition and domestic competition Cheap foamposites for sale s. "Nike continues with new and innovative ways to use color," Nike's director of football Dennis count? Coffin Popovich said. "Our new series of boots used vibrant colors, on the court to create a dazzling effect." Some players including Neymar and Wayne? Wayne Rooney will be wearing, including the striking orange "poison front" boots race, this is one to be the world's most agile attacking player design shoes. Mario? Goetze and David? Ruiz will be wearing a new blue-green "ghost" brand boots, this boots its unique style to redefine the appearance and performance of soccer shoes. from Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan? Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Frank? Ribery and other speed-type players wearing Mercurial Superfly, the laser will be eye-catching orange appearance. Steven Gerrard? Pique and Sergio? Ramos and other players will be wearing the blue-green and magenta with new Tiempo V shoes. "Our aim is to maximize the use of color," Coffin Popovich added. "We want as much as possible to create the most dazzling colors, which really reflect the vitality of these products." The new shoe collection will be designated retail outlets for sale October 1 in and Nike. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) 2012-3-26 09:36 upload and download the attachment (127.35 KB) you may know that "Nike Solar Soft" sandals launched last year, because with a perforated vamp molding technology, let many people feel like some famous brand Crocs appearance. But this time we see the Nike Solarsoft Waffle Cruiser and Nike Solar soft shoes, although some of the same name, but the shoe is still feeling retro running shoes, uppers of nylon and suede material combination of light, the sole use of the sole and heel muffin technology, also joined the design of folding, foot wear for love a friend is a stylish and simple fashion. is located in central Hongkong BAPE shops in Hongkong this week to launch 6 new winter clothing, including the map shown in the three paragraph sweater, respectively: sweater sweater BAPE version of the TIGER GENERAL picture and printed with LOGO behind the sweater sweater another paragraph Xiuman SWAROVSKI diamond will also launch the cold. download (36.92 KB)〈br 2007-12-20="" bape="" 07="" f="" hongkong="" new="" store〈br="" 22:39 download (29.33 KB)〈br 2007-12-20="" bape="" 07="" f="" hongkong="" new="" store〈br="" 22:39has already reported with everyone on D Rose 6 on-line miadidas news, and now officially released Adidas, and brought the six features with the most features of the match. The six double Sample fully demonstrates the D Rose 6 colorful vamp option and will definitely provide a lot of inspiration for your customization, ~ Finally, limited edition of the German Solebox and New Balance a The Finals version of the 1500 joint models and new shoes, fashion shoes love classic European friends must not miss this last classic joint shoes.Sports players re-launch of the latest color adidas Originals shoes 2012-07-24 09:48:10 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: Mita-Sneakers] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes network July 24 hearing, was born in the late 1960s SuperStar shoes, adidas Originals is more than most popular model of the trump card, but Shell Toe shoes masterpiece, later, there are many other Brand tribute works, imagine SuperStar classic extraordinary degree. 80 years, when the launch of SuperStar 80S, is now the most common SuperStar engraved money. As we all know, in the past has launched Played force SuperStar quite snakeskin version, the results lead to some craze, did not start but lost by a friend to pay attention to the recent re-launch of the latest adidas Originals color of the SuperStar 80S, although not all snakeskin version, but The classic 3-Stripe detail but with snakeskin texture reflected in rare as fine, we launched a total of blue, yellow and gray in three versions, of which blue, yellow color is most worthy of attention, now landed mita-sneakers sale price 13, 200 yen. Related news